Quality Windows

Quality Windows

Quality Windows

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When it comes to Sunrise replacement windows, the difference is clear

Here at Bob’s Custom Windows & Siding, we believe that every single window that leaves our factory is destined for greatness. From the premium materials we use in building our replacement windows to the meticulous attention to detail we apply throughout the manufacturing process, our commitment to quality craftsmanship, superior performance, and unmatched visual appeal is evident. While we are extremely proud of the replacement windows we produce, we also recognize that a well-made product is just the first part of a much bigger picture. Only once our windows are installed do they really begin to shine — keeping you and your family safe and comfortable, enhancing your quality of life, and making your house feel more like a home. Our replacement windows are designed to help you create the home you’ve always dreamed of, a home that is uniquely yours. Because how you choose to see the world is ultimately up to you – we’re just here to make sure you have a great view.

Truly Insulated Mainframe

Two chambers filled with the same insulation found in high-end coolers

Offers seven times better R-Values than hollow-frame vinyl windows

Insulates twice as well as competitive foam-filled frames

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Aesthetic Engineering

Designed to match the beauty and elegance of wood windows

Narrowline, dedicated extrusions adds beauty without sacrificing strength

Coved, mitered interior glazing beads add styling and additional security

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Climate-Specific Performance

ENERGY STAR® qualified for all climate zones

Some of the lowest U-Factor and SHGC numbers available in the market

Secure, long-lasting seal, with edge deletion, provides superior performance that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime

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Secure Sash Structure

Low-profile French cam locks routed into the frame

Locks fastened through three layers of .075 iUPVC

Scores 10 out of 10 on AAMA forced entry test

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Airtight Construction

Fusion-welded with no weep holes

Triple weather stripping at every point of contact
Dedicated extrusions and step jambs

One of the lowest published air leakage rates available in the marketplace

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Superior Functionality

Self-tensioning block-and-tackle balance system; same system used by the higher-cost, name brands

Engineered to last four times as long as competitive systems

Locking pin and shoe ensures easy, secure tilt-ins for simple cleaning

Coordinated recessed night latches extend out from the frame to allow ventilation

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Up To 27% More Viewing Area

27% Greater visible viewing area than traditional vinyl windows

Mulled with one of the narrowest systems available to maximize viewing area

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Precision Frame Fabrication

Fully fusion-welded frames and sashes provide stronger, more airtight windows than mechanically fastened competitive products

Complete closed frame system keeps water from entering the mainframe, eliminating the need for unsightly weep holes

Made from iUPVC, a high-tech, synthetic polymer that offers significantly better energy efficiency than wood or metal windows

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About Bobs Custom Windows & Siding

Extortionary Craftsmanship

At Bob’s Custom Windows and Siding, quality products and workmanship does make the difference. Putting our customers first is our number one priority! Bob’s Custom Windows and Siding, Inc. is located at 1015 North Parker Drive in Janesville, Wisconsin. Because our showroom features examples of our window and siding lines, you can see and feel the quality of our products.

Bob’s Custom Windows and Siding has an affiliation with Advanced Construction of Janesville LLC.
By collaborating and working closely with Advanced Construction of Janesville, we can offer our customers more than just windows and siding. In other words, we can now offer both residential and commercial construction including remodeling, roofing, excavating, egress windows, and more.

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