Norandex FAQ

Norandex FAQ

Norandex Siding FAQ

Norandex supplies a professional-grade product line designed with the trades in mind. As a subsidiary of ABC Supply Co., Inc., Norandex products are sold exclusively through ABC Supply. 

Homeowners who would like the opportunity to purchase Norandex products at any of the ABC Supply locations nationwide  may do so by purchasing through a qualified contractor builder, remodeler or trade installer.

While vinyl siding was designed to do away with painting and costly maintenance, there are those rare occasions where painting is the only viable option available – especially when matching the existing color to an older panel as a last resort. The key to getting good results when painting vinyl is all in the prep work. Roughing all surfaces and making sure they are clean and free of dirt, dust or moisture is key to insuring that the paint will coat evenly, provide good adhesion and will bond with the panel surface.

Norandex recommends that, should you choose to paint your siding, which will in turn void your Norandex warranty, you use a high-quality exterior paint and apply with professional-grade painting tools under ideal weather conditions for best results. We also suggest that you check with your local paint store, hardware store or homecenter for professional advice on which type of paint – oil, latex or acrylic is best suited for coating a prepared vinyl surface in your particular climate.

Vinyl siding is not waterproof, despite common misconceptions. Thanks to its overlapping profile, a standard interlocking wall of horizontal vinyl panels will effectively shed most rain and water away, providing superior water resistance. However, no vinyl siding is completely impervious to outside moisture from dampness rain or snow. For that reason, Norandex siding panels are manufactured with “weep holes” located at the bottom of each panel projection edge. These small but important outlets help channel away water that might find its way inside the siding wall through the panel seams and around moldings, windows, door and fixtures.

Weep holes also allow the infiltration of air, which also helps to dry out the inner surface of the siding while promoting evaporation of any remaining moisture. The application of house wrap and or insulation board also provides for a secondary defense against outside moisture that might penetrate the siding and come in contact with the original sheathing.

Among all the siding products available to today’s builders and remodelers, none compares with vinyl siding for its lightweight yet durable, maintenance-free features. Thanks to its solid composition, vinyl won’t rot, chip, flake or blister the way wood siding can and often does.  And thanks to new manufacturing innovations and technological advancements, vinyl grains, colors and capstocks are truer, richer and more authentic than ever before. When it comes to installation, vinyl is still the overwhelming choice of today’s builders and remodelers thanks to its ease of handling, availability, durability and lasting good looks. To homeowners, vinyl is the sensible, good-looking alternative to the expense, labor and aggravation associated with whole house painting and yearly exterior maintenance.

Vinyl adds to the resale value of most any home, and no exterior cladding offers such a wide array of grains, finishes, embossing patterns or color combinations.  What’s more, Norandex now offers vinyl siding with exclusive ColorHold® technology that virtually eliminates fade and standard PVC oxidation concerns. More than ever, vinyl is the sensible choice that will add value to and beautify any home and make life easier for any homeowner.

All vinyl siding warranties do not provide equal protection because not all vinyl siding is created equal. You can be sure every Norandex vinyl siding panel provides certified quality not only because it adheres to the rigid standards of the Vinyl Siding Institute, it is the only siding manufactured by systems that are ISO-9001-2008 Certified by Underwriters Laboratories.

With that much built-in quality, Norandex can offer a strong non-prorated, transferable limited lifetime warranty on all of our vinyl siding.

Norandex also leads the industry by offering extended fade protection for our exclusive ColorHold® acrylic capping technology. For complete and specific warranty information, be sure to read our standard and ColorHold® vinyl siding warranties.

The thickness of a vinyl siding panel is important because it can add to the panel’s overall rigidity, but thickness in and of itself does not assure quality, durability, performance or value.

Even more important than thickness are such features as nailing hem design, panel architecture and projection, locking mechanism, embossing grain, capstock formulations, chemical consistency, and UV inhibitors. All of these important features can help provide increased benefits, like wind and fade resistance, panel rigidity and tensile strength—and so ALL of them, in addition to thickness, are important to consider and ask about when choosing a quality panel.

Absolutely! Excellent ‘weatherability’ is just one of the many reasons vinyl siding is the choice of professional builders, architects, and homeowners alike. Technically advanced vinyl siding formulated of quality ingredients and manufactured within close tolerances within the state-of-the-art, quality-controlled facilities such as Norandex brand siding will withstand virtually any and all kinds of harsh weather or seasonal extremes.

Unlike other weather-sensitive claddings that can and do slowly deteriorate and wear from year after year of seasonal changes and temperature fluctuations, vinyl siding reacts and adjusts to thermal extremes by expanding and contracting as the temperature rises or falls. Whether your home is subject to a moderate climate, an unusually wet environment, frigid winds, or hot, humid conditions, properly hung Norandex vinyl siding will continue to maintain its good looks and handsome design no matter what the weather.

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