EMCO Steel Siding

EMCO Steel Siding

EMCO siding is different from others because it’s made from steel and is seamless. Other siding products must be constantly overlapped or shoved together every 12 ft to reach the length of your home, creating a pattern of not-so-pleasant splices and joints. The average house has over 130 splices. With EMCO Building Products’ steel siding, you can eliminate those unsightly splices and joints and give your home a smooth, clean-looking exterior.

Protect Your Home

Cracked Stucco

Gaps in Fiber Cement

Warped Vinyl

Peeling Paint

Seamless steel siding from EMCO Building Products not only frees you from time-consuming maintenance, it frees you from seams and joints, fading, chipping, flaking, cracks, warping, bubbles, and more.


Maintenance-free seamless siding does more than save time—it saves money. With seamless steel siding from EMCO Building Products, there’s no need for priming, caulking, painting, staining, sealing, or patching to maintain the exterior appearance of your home. Your siding will look freshly painted for years to come with little-to-no maintenance. Time and money once spent maintaining and repairing siding can be spent enjoying life with friends and family.


When investing in your home’s exterior with products from EMCO Building Products, you can have confidence knowing that a limited lifetime warranty protects your home against manufactured defects. You’re also backed by our chalk and fade limited lifetime warranty. Our warranties are the strongest in the industry and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your new seamless exterior will retain its beautiful, maintenance-free appearance year after year. Guaranteed.

Product Features

  • Made from USA-made 28-gauge single sourced steel.
  • Fade-resistant – Kynar 500®, Hylar 5000® paint finish.
  • Paint finish has a PTFE coating that improves scratch-resistance and cleanability on the wall and makes the coil perform better in the brake and in the roll-forming process.
  • Rich, true color for long-lasting beauty.
  • Our exterior accessories are color-coordinated with all our products and offer the most attractive and functional system on the market today.

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